BRIDGE 2021 is expected to be in-person! More information yet to come...

Welcome to BRIDGE!

BRIDGE is a five-week intensive summer program held at the Storrs campus.  This program is designed to prepare students who are underrepresented in engineering fields for the rigor of engineering curriculum at UConn, introduce leadership opportunities and careers in engineering, and to familiarize students with the University of Connecticut and the college experience as a whole.

Students will attend classes in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science.  In addition to these classes, students will attend industry tours of the most prominent engineering companies in Connecticut to network with professionals and learn about what career opportunities are available after graduation. The BRIDGE program highlights the necessity of having a strong work ethic and dedication to academics as a student in the School of Engineering.

Admission to this program is limited to students who will be attending the University of Connecticut in the fall.  Please note that the program cost is $1995.  Approximately ten full fellowships are available, allowing participants to attend at no cost. Another fifteen to twenty-five partial fellowships are also awarded.  These fellowships are awarded based on the student's application for financial aid.

The application for the Summer 2021 BRIDGE program deadline has been set to June 1st, 2021.  The 2021 program will be held from Monday, July 5th to Friday, August 6th.

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