Our Program

 Our Students

The students who come to Explore Engineering come from all over Connecticut, the New England Region, and beyond. They come from a variety of backgrounds. Engineering is a diverse discipline and Explore Engineering gives the students a chance to dive into each major. We hope that our program can help our students find a major they are interested in and think they might pursue in the future. We hope we can ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering. and math.

84.6% of our students that pursued higher education chose to pursue a degree in a STEM related field. Of those, 67% pursued an engineering degree. 26% of our students went on to attend UConn. Others went on to attend schools like Purdue, Cornell, WPI, RPI, John Hopkins, etc.

Our Counselors

The counselors for Explore Engineering are all current undergraduate engineering students from a variety of engineering majors offered at UConn. The counselors are there to make each student’s experience at E2 the best it can possibly be. Each counselor is hand-picked to be a part of E2 through a rigorous application and interview process. Our counselors are all involved in various engineering organizations such as SWE, NSBE, EA, EWB, and SHPE. They are a valuable resource for the students looking to pursue an engineering degree. Who better to ask than current engineering students? More than half of our counselors are female engineering students. They are role models for girls interested in engineering. Our goal is to close the engineering gender gap. We hope to one day to be at 50:50 for males and females pursuing an engineering degree at UConn.