Program Details – Online Camp

Eparticipants are typically students who are interested in pursuing an education/career in engineering.  Some of them know exactly what discipline they would like to pursue, and want to learn more about that area.  Others have a general idea, and a number of students are unsure of which discipline is right for them.  Our program provides them with the opportunity to explore the field of engineering and learn what each discipline entails in order for them to make an informed decision regarding their future.

In 2020, virtual camp enrollment is restricted to 200 students.

We are planning 102 hours of online programming to take place over the course of two weeks (July 20 – 31, 2020).

Explore Engineering Daily Agenda at a Glance

Agenda at a glance


  • Current high school student (sophomore or junior as of May 2020)


  • Two Weeks! Monday – Friday, July 20 – 31, 2020


  • Online! Using UConn’s HuskyCT Platform


  • Learn about engineering
  • Discover new opportunities
  • Meet like minded people


  • $895 to attend the program, (or $89.50/day!).
  • This covers project materials, supplies and shipping costs.

Deadline to Apply: Monday, June 30, 2020

*Depending on availability we may accept students after the deadline on a rolling basis*


There will be five modules that focus on interdisciplinary engineering fields for participants to explore throughout the camp. Each module spans two days.

  1. Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
  2. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering and Management and Engineering for Manufacturing
  4. Computer Science and Engineering
  5. Chemical and Materials Science and Engineering

During these modules, participants will engage with other participants, and our staff in the following ways:

  • Live class or workshops in the mornings on Day 1 and 2
  • An assigned hands-on project to work on at their own pace across Day 1 and 2
  • Re-group in the afternoon on Day 2 of the module
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Time in the afternoons on Day 1 and 2

In total, we are offering 17 hours of direct instruction



Choose Your Adventure

After the morning live class/workshop, participants can work at their own pace and desired interaction levels with the following options:

  1. Watch instructional videos and/or read how-to guides on your module's project (required)
  2. Work on a hands-on project to learn more about the majors in your module (required) 
  3. Attend Office Hours with counselors, where students can ask questions or troubleshoot their projects (optional)
  4. Tune in to a Virtual Workroom, where other students are working on their module's project (optional)
  5. Pop in to an Interest Session, where students can engage with (optional):
    1. UConn Engineering Diversity and Outreach Center staff to answer questions about other programs, applying to UConn, and more
    2. NSBE, SHPE, SWE or EA engineering students to ask about life as an engineering student, advice, and more
  6. Join others in the Virtual Dining Hall, or simply have meals on your own offline (optional)

In total, we are offering 55 hours of available programming, independent project-work, and assistance


Social Activities

Every weekday evening, we offer optional engagement, networking, and social connectedness. Some activities may include:

  • Virtual Trivia
  • Virtual Movie Night
  • Virtual Cards Against Humanity
  • Virtual Pictionary
  • Virtual Heads Up
  • Virtual Talent Show
  • Virtual Karaoke
  • Virtual Yoga or Workout

In total, we are offering 18 hours of optional fun activities













Explore Engineering Schedule at a Glance

Explore Engineering Schedule at a Glance

*all times listed are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Student Ratios During the Program

During Live Class in the Mornings:

  • 1 student : 4 graduate student instructors:  4 - 6 undergraduate counselors
  • or in other words 1:10 staff to student ratio

During Chose Your Adventure Time:

  • 1 student : 1 undergraduate counselor at times
  • max of 1:6 staff to student ratio

During YESS Program:

  • 1 student : 2 graduate student instructors:  4 - 6 undergraduate counselors
  • max of 1:8 staff to student ratio

Benefits include:

  • Exposure to twelve Engineering Programs
  • Instruction from UConn Engineering undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty
  • Mentoring and coaching from current undergraduate engineering students
  • A welcome kit with UConn Gear and select necessary supplies for hands-on activities
  • Hands-on experience focused on a single major during the Young Engineering Science Scholars (YESS) program
  • Virtual access to our Engineering Learning Center and use of the center’s associated software
  • Virtual access to state-of-the-art research areas
  • Access to our Engineering Learning Center and use of the center’s associated software
  • Interaction with nationally recognized groups: National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Engineering Ambassadors (EA)
  • Access after the camp to all materials up to one year
  • A certificate of completion

This two-week online engineering program will provide an opportunity to learn what engineers do in twelve different fields.  Additionally, students will dive in to one major over the entire course of the camp during the Young Engineering Science Scholars Program (YESS) activities. In the application process, each student will rank their preferred major choice.

The UConn School of Engineering offers twelve programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in the fields of: