UConn Engineering Ambassadors Host PT Conference

The UConn Engineering Ambassadors (EA) hosted the annual Presentation Team conference September 15-17, 2017. The two and a half day conference focused on science communication training. EA is a national network of engineering students who reach out to students of all ages to demonstrate various ways that engineering solves the world's problems. More than one hundred students from ten colleges, including Penn State, RPI, WPI and Tennessee Tech, participated.

Through this training, EA Presentation Team members learned how to effectively communicate technical information to a variety of audiences and engage people in the excitement of engineering. Following communications workshops, each participant crafted a 10-15 minute outreach presentation, incorporating feedback from peers and advisors. The conference culminated in a presentation showcase, where each student delivered his or her presentation in front of an audience. These talks were distinguished by their fascinating engineering content, dynamic visuals, and strong delivery. Ambassadors left the workshop with confidence in their presentation skills, which will serve them in outreach, academics and their professional careers.