Traditionally, Sisters in STEM is a one day conference for underrepresented, tenth grade high school female students to show the allure of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Representative role models lead laboratory tours, engaging experiments, and self-development workshops.

This year, the UConn Engineering Diversity and Outreach Center is proud to host the 2nd Sisters in STEM Conference as a two-day virtual conference for 10th grade underrepresented minority females AND a track for high school teachers!

Saturday November 7, 2020


Saturday November 14, 2020


“I was able to stand on the shoulders of those women who came before me,

and women who came after me were able to stand on mine.”

- Christine Darden

Research suggests that it is beneficial for students to see themselves represented in science and engineering fields to better the chances of them pursuing STEM careers. Underrepresented women are the minority of the minority in these fields. The Sisters In STEM conference provides students the opportunity to develop a stronger sense of self in being supported by UConn graduate, undergraduate students, and professionals in STEM.     


Registration starts at 8:30 AM and the program runs from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Participants will attend a laboratory tour and exciting STEM workshop, led by UConn graduate and undergraduate students. In the afternoon, the students will attend two self-development and growth workshops. The workshops are intended to help students see the power of their presence and various opportunities they have guided by professional women in STEM.

Applications for the Sisters in STEM conference are now OPEN! 

Teachers and Students! Click here to apply!

Participants will require a signed consent and photo release form, to be submitted when participants fill out the application.