What is Engineering?

What do Engineers do?

Engineers are designing and building the world we inhabit in the 21st century. Answering society’s needs for computer systems and software, information and communications technologies, medicine and pharmaceuticals, renewable energy, a clean environment, manufacturing and transportation – engineers shape our world in ways few others do.

For more information about what engineers do, visit:

American Society for Engineering Education
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Engineering Disciplines

Many high-school students who like math and science decide to go into engineering: the only question is which field of engineering to study. The links below provide you an overview of selected engineering disciplines, including career options and average starting salaries.

Biomedical Engineering Overview
Chemical Engineering Overview
Civil Engineering Overview
Environmental Engineering Overview
Computer Science & Engineering Overview
Electrical & Computer Engineering Overview
Management & Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) Overview
Materials Science & Engineering Overview
Mechanical Engineering Overview

Discover Engineering at UConn

Our Engineering Ambassadors organization is dedicated to aiding the next generation of engineers. They provide tours of the UConn School of Engineering and answer your questions about our academics. Please book your tour today!